Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Mourn My Body Past

I Mourn My Body Past
I remember
Racing through the Minnesota grasslands
Playing wild horses with the neighbor kids
Until I fall
Rubber legged
Rolling upon the ground
Too winded to laugh out loud

I remember
Teetering on two inches of wood fence
Encircling the dusty
High school ice rink in July
Watching dirty toes inch
With winged and waving arms until
Sweat trickling down my neck
I retreat
And nestle into the oak tree’s arm
Jagged bark prickling the back of my thighs
As the breeze raises goose bumps
And the Meadow Lark sings

I remember
Evening calf muscles twitching
Red arms burning
Against rough sheets
After a day of pumping bike pedals
Standing upright
Slippery palmed
And panting another journey
Up the hill by the water tower
Working to earn
Two minutes of free-ride flight

I remember
Heart in my hand
Music pounding
Pulsing up my body into my eyes
Light as clouds and air
And love
Until the rhythm and the moon retire

I remember
In capable arms
Groceries and presents
One hundred pounds of feed
An eight-foot Mediterranean couch
Leaden boxes of books
Aquariums with gravel sloshing
Dinners and desserts
A marriage
And a seven-pound baby boy

But now I reside
In my body present
With musical knees
That slow me on the stairs
An injured arm
That will never hold a grandchild in its crook
Painful heels
That can no longer dance at dawn
And a constant pain
That steals my sleep and limits my days

I mourn my body past
But I remember
And I smile
Too winded to laugh out loud


Kelli said...

Wow! I love the poem. Makes me long for the past......

Rita said...

Hi Kelli!
Sorry it took me so long to see I had a comment. For some reason I only get emails for my main blog and not the other two to tell me when I have comments. Anyways, thank you!! Happy to see a new face! :):)

Aunt of 14 said...

Oh wow, you are so good at this. I saw you on Intense Guy's blog and wanted to check you out. I went onto your main blog, and found this and I am glad I did.

*goosebumps* you're just so good at poetry!!

Rita said...

Thanks so much Aunt of 14!
Iggy is quite the writer, too.
I'm glad you stopped by. I love it when people even take the time to comment. Come back any time! :)