Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daddy and The Cottonwood Tree

Another entry from my blog.
Thinking about my Dad who just turned 90 on November 9, 2010. :)

We moved to Fridley from South Minneapolis when I was five years old. My dad was pulling weeds around the cement basement and window-wells of our new house and I came to watch him...and ask questions, as was my job. I know I asked enough questions about weeds to find out that this one larger one was a baby tree! I begged him to leave it grow. Too close to the house. Please plant it somewhere, Daddy! Please! Save it! Save it!
I missed trees soooo much! Fridley was a stark naked suburb--barren--blank. I missed the "old" feeling of South Minneapolis. I missed trees.
I begged and pleaded and promised to water it--until my daddy finally agreed to move the sapling. We planted it in the corner of the yard down by the street near the driveway. He said he'd just forget and run over it with the mower. No--you won't. I could tell he thought it was a silly thing to do to his brand new lawn and thought it would just die anyways.
I remember standing guard when he mowed--carrying glasses of water out to my tree. I remember daddy being surprised that it was getting bigger. I spied and saw him watering it with the big green hose one day and I knew he cared for it, too. Dad grew careful about mowing around it. I remember how excited I felt when it outgrew me. How annoyed Dad was with the sticky pods (we got a boy cottonwood) all over the lawn.
That tree towered over the neighborhood. Was a landmark for directions. Grew with two trunks. I loved listening to the leaves tremble in the wind and watch them silver-shimmering in the sunlight. It is almost 55 years old--if it is still standing tall--towering--and tearing up the asphalt road a bit along the edge of the yard. I have always loved that tree--and always thought of my dad when I noticed it and when I think of it now. :):)


graceonline said...

What a treasure! A tree you rescued, sharing its nurture with your at-first-reluctant father. And now you see it still, huge, sheltering, whispering ever of the stories you shared there.

Rita said...

KathrynGrace--Thanks. My sister sent me pictures and it is so huge after 55 years! Still standing tall. Touched my heart to see it. :):)